Less revenue and even one incident in your marine assest is indicative of calling in an    experienced professional for independent review of operations and to start looking for a cure .

These are symptoms and the releif will lie in treating the root cause and not symptoms. 

Patience & politeness are not a weakness but are a reflection of persons inner strength. Pray that your visit is fruitful.                       ---- Capt Gogia DPO and Master Mariner

Shore , Offshore and Marine Projects undertaken and handled personally .  

                                                            Independent marine asset consultant. 
Guidance during voyage for route selection in ocean crossing.   

Consultation Availability 24 x 7 for handling emergencies.

Urgent travel plans can be done on one day notice for travelling if papers in order from principals.

Off shore and main fleet and Logistics solutions , marine and land based structures strengths and repairs, green field projects , solar projects , marine teaching training , Auditing , manning.

Ocean Towing

 ISM audits related practical solutions -hands ON. Dry docking . Offshore assignments